On the Loose (1985 film)

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On the Loose
On the Loose 1985 film.jpg
Directed by Staffan Hildebrand
Produced by Hillar Loor
Written by Staffan Hildebrand
Starring Tomas Fryk
Carina Lindström
Jerry Williams
Joey Tempest
Music by Europe
Distributed by Föreningsfilmo AB
Release date
  • 6 December 1985 (1985-12-06)
Running time
32 minutes
Country Sweden
Language Swedish

On the Loose is a 1985 Swedish film directed by Staffan Hildebrand and distributed by Föreningsfilmo AB. It stars Tomas Fryk and Carina Lindström and features appearances by rock 'n' roll singer Jerry Williams and the hard rock band Europe.


Peter works as a welder in his hometown Katrineholm, but dreams of getting a better job with more money. When Europe comes to Katrineholm to do a concert, Peter finds out that his girlfriend Nina had a relationship with the band's vocalist Joey Tempest many years ago. Peter thinks Nina wants to get back together with Joey, so he gets very jealous, gets drunk at the concert and goes berserk. The safety officer Frasse makes Peter realize he should pull himself together and go sort things out with Nina.


  • Tomas Fryk as Peter
  • Carina Lindström as Nina
  • Jerry Williams as Frasse
  • Europe as themselves:
  • Thomas Erdtman as Europe's manager
  • Joakim Ramstedt as security guard
  • Frank Nietsch as security guard
  • Johnny Aland as Peter's co-worker
  • Henrik Nilsson as Peter's co-worker
  • Jan-Erik Piotrowski as Peter's co-worker
  • Stig Winblad as Peter's co-worker
  • Stefan Perzanowski as Peter's co-worker


The soundtrack was written by Joey Tempest and featured the songs "Rock the Night", "On the Loose" and "Broken Dreams". It was released as an EP. A live performance of "Rock the Night" by Europe is shown in the film. The John Lennon song "Working Class Hero" is also featured in the film, as sung by Jerry Williams.

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