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Not to be confused with On the Money (2005 TV series).

On the Money,[1] formerly The Wall Street Journal Report,[2] is a syndicated weekly TV program shown on Saturday, Sunday or early Monday morning, depending on the station, and on Sunday evenings on CNBC and hosted by Becky Quick.[3] Political, business, and economic figures are interviewed on the show; guests have included Henry Paulson[1] and Colin Powell.[4]


The Wall Street Journal Report was premiered on 4 September 1970. Maria Bartiromo joined the show in September 2004, replacing Consuelo Mack as its host.[2] The show features interviews, discussions, weekly job reports, stock market updates, and stories about the economy. The show was renamed On the Money with Maria Bartiromo from the 6 January 2013 broadcast with the end of CNBC's content agreement with the Wall Street Journal owner Dow Jones & Company, which was purchased by News Corporation (owners of CNBC's competitor Fox Business Network) in 2007; On the Money had previously been the title of a daily program on CNBC from 2005 to 2009.[5] Bartiromo left CNBC on 23 November 2013, moving to Fox Business Network and making that weekend's On the Money her last. The program was subsequently re-titled On the Money and since then has been hosted by CNBC's Becky Quick, who also appears on Squawk Box.


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