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On The Move is a British television series made by the BBC and first broadcast in 1975 and 1976 in 50 ten-minute episodes.[1] Produced by David Hargreaves and directed by Barbara Derkow, this engaging situation comedy was in fact an educational programme aimed at adults with literacy problems, and linked to a national campaign at the time. It was credited with removing some of the stigma attached to illiteracy.

The running narrative featured the characters of Alf (Bob Hoskins), a removal man who had problems reading and writing, and his friend Bert (Donald Gee). This narrative was interspersed with sketches and exercises featuring actors including Nigel Stock, Patricia Hayes, Martin Shaw, Polly James, Gay Hamilton, Mel Martin, Rosemary Leach, and Norman Rossington. The show was written by Barry Took and the theme tune "On The Move" was sung by The Dooleys. It was composed by Alan Hawkshaw and R. Tempest.

The series had two BBC follow-ups: Your Move (1976–77) and Write Away (1979–80), with Took writing the first programme and presenting the latter.[2]


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