On the Oceans of Eternity

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On the Oceans of Eternity
Author S. M. Stirling
Country United States
Language English
Series Nantucket series
Genre Alternate history, Science fiction novel
Publication date
April 10, 2000 (USA and Canada)
April 29, 2000 (UK)
Media type Print (Paperback)
Preceded by Against the Tide of Years

On the Oceans of Eternity is the last of the three alternate history novels of the Nantucket series by S. M. Stirling. The novel was released in the United States and Canada on April 10, 2000 and was released in the United Kingdom on April 29 of the same year.

Plot introduction[edit]

In the first novel Island in the Sea of Time the island of Nantucket is transported by an unknown phenomenon (called "The Event" in the series) back in time to the Bronze Age circa 1250s BC (corresponding to the late Heroic Age of the Trojan war).

Plot summary[edit]

After making an alliance with Babylon, Hatti, and Mitanni, the Republic of Nantucket is ready to defeat Walker (who now controls Mycenean Greece) and his allies.

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