On the Prowl (album)

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On the Prowl
Loudness Prowl.jpg
Cover art by Jim Warren
Studio album by Loudness
Released Japan February 25, 1991
United States May 24, 1991
Recorded 1990 at Long View Farm Studios, North Brookfield, Massachusetts, USA
Genre Heavy metal, glam metal
Length 51:14
Label ATCO
WEA Japan
Producer Loudness, Mark Dearnley
Loudness chronology
Soldier of Fortune
On the Prowl
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2/5 stars[1]

On the Prowl is the ninth studio album of Japanese heavy metal band Loudness. It is also their second and last album with American vocalist Mike Vescera, before his leaving to join Yngwie Malmsteen's band for the album The Seventh Sign. On the Prowl is mainly a compilation of self-covers of songs from early Loudness' albums, containing only three new songs written by the band (♠). However, Mike Vescera translated and adapted the lyrics of the old songs written by former vocalist Minoru Niihara, to be sung in English.[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Down 'n' Dirty" ♠ - 4:36
  2. "Playin' Games" ♠ - 3:47
  3. "Love Toys" ♠ - 4:02
  4. "Never Again" - 5:01 (cover of "Silent Sword", b-side of the single "Risky Woman")
  5. "Deadly Player" - 4:47 (cover of "Lonely Player", from the album Devil Soldier)
  6. "Take It or Leave It" - 4:31 (cover of "Milky Way", from the album Disillusion)
  7. "Girl" - 4:20 (cover of "Girl", from the album Devil Soldier)
  8. "Long Distance" - 4:15 (cover of "Long Distance Love", from the EP Jealousy)
  9. "In the Mirror" - 3:34 (cover of "In the Mirror", from the album The Law of Devil's Land)
  10. "Sleepless Nights" - 4:39 (cover of "Sleepless Night", from the album The Law of Devil's Land)
  11. "Find a Way" - 7:31 (cover of "To Be Demon", from the album The Birthday Eve)

All music by Akira Takasaki. The lyrics for all the new songs written by Mike Vescera, except for "Love Toys" by Vescera/Dearnley. Other lyrics by Niihara.


Band members[edit]

Additional musicians[edit]

  • Jim Wilkas - keyboards
  • Nat, Gary and Chris Vescera, Marty Earley - backing vocals


  • Mark Dearnley - producer, engineer, mixing
  • Charles Paakkari, Chris Rich, Jesse Henderson - assistant engineers
  • Bob Ludwig - mastering
  • George Azuma - supervisor


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