On the Run (Jay Chou album)

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On the Run
On The Run Cover.jpg
On the Run cover
Studio album 我很忙 by Jay Chou
Released 2 November 2007 (2007-11-02)
Genre Mandopop
Chinese Hip-Hop/Hip pop
Length 39:10
Language Mandarin
Label Sony Music Taiwan
Producer JVR Music
Jay Chou chronology
不能說的祕密 電影原聲帶
On the Run
2007 the World Tours
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On the Run (Chinese: 我很忙; pinyin: Wǒ Hěn Máng; literally: "I'm Very Busy") is Taiwanese Mandopop artist Jay Chou's eighth Mandarin studio album. It was released on 1 November 2007 by JVR Music,[1] but was leaked onto the internet on 31 October 2007. This is the first album that Chou released under his own record company, JVR Music and distributed by Sony Music Taiwan.

The album was promoted via Onda Media Players, in which part of his album cover was printed on the front, his signature on the Media Player itself, and in certain cases, a small selection of his songs and music videos are included on the media player.

"牛仔很忙" (Cowboy On The Run), "彩虹" (Rainbow), and "無雙" (Unparalleled) were three lead tracks released for airplay on Taiwan's Hit FM.


"牛仔很忙" (Cowboy On The Run) is a country track, as Chou stated that he wanted to try something new. The literal translation is Cowboy is Busy. This track also illustrates the theme for the album cover and it reflects some things in Chou's real life. Also, one particular phrase in the chorus is inspired by Gwei Lun-mei, who starred opposite Chou in the movie, Secret.

Several tracks used the melodies of instrumental tracks from the Secret Original Soundtrack: "First Kiss" for "彩虹" (Rainbow) and "蒲公英的約定" (Dandelion's Promise) used the melodies of "小雨寫立可白Ⅰ" (Xiaoyu's Theme I) and "路小雨" (Lu Xiaoyu). The track "無雙" (Unparalleled) is the theme song for video game Dynasty Warriors Online in Taiwan.

The music video for "我不配" (I'm Not Worthy) features Taiwanese actress Alice Tzeng, who co-starred with Chou in Secret. "青花瓷" (Blue and White Porcelain) refers to antique Chinese porcelain. Its literal translation is Blue Flower Pot. The music video features Taiwanese actor Baron Chen, who co-starred with Chou in Kung Fu Dunk.


The tracks "牛仔很忙" (Cowboy On The Run), "彩虹" (Rainbow) and "陽光宅男" (Sunshine Nerd) are listed at number 11, 28[2] and 59 respectively on Hit Fm Taiwan's Hit Fm Annual Top 100 Singles Chart (Hit-Fm年度百首單曲) for 2010.[3]

The album was awarded one of the Top 10 Selling Mandarin Albums of the Year at the 2007 IFPI Hong Kong Album Sales Awards, presented by the Hong Kong branch of IFPI.[4]

In 2008, the album was nominated for five awards at the 19th Golden Melody Awards, including Best Mandarin Album.[5] It won Best Song of the Year for "青花瓷" (Blue and White Porcelain), Best Composer for Chou and Best Lyricist for Vincent Fang; also for "青花瓷" (Blue and White Porcelain).[6]

Track listing[edit]

All music composed by Jay Chou.

No. Title Lyrics Length
1. "牛仔很忙" (Niú Zǎi Hěn Máng Cowboy on the Run) Jun-Lang Huang (黃俊郎) 2:48
2. "彩虹" (Cǎi Hóng Rainbow) Jay Chou 4:23
3. "青花瓷" (Qīng Huā Cí Blue and White Porcelain) Vincent Fang 3:59
4. "陽光宅男" (Yáng Guāng Zhái Nán Sunshine Nerd) Vincent Fang 3:42
5. "蒲公英的約定" (Pú Gōng Yīng Dè Yuē Dìng Dandelion's Promise) Vincent Fang 4:07
6. "無雙" (Wú Shuāng Unparalleled) Vincent Fang 3:53
7. "我不配" (Wǒ Bú Pèi I'm Not Worthy) Vincent Fang 4:48
8. "扯" (Chě Nonsensical) Vincent Fang 3:30
9. "甜甜的" (Tián Tián De Sweetness) Vincent Fang 4:03
10. "最長的電影" (Zuì Cháng De Diàn Yǐng The Longest Movie) Jay Chou 3:55
No. Title Length
1. "牛仔很忙" (Niú Zǎi Hěn Máng Cowboy on the Run)  
2. "我不配" (Wǒ Bú Pèi I'm Not Worthy)  

Music videos[edit]

  • "我不配" (I'm Not Worthy) MV - feat Alice Tzeng
  • "牛仔很忙" (Cowboy On The Run) MV
  • "最長的電影" (The Longest Movie) MV - feat Jessie Chiang
  • "陽光宅男" (Sunshine Nerd) MV
  • "青花瓷" (Blue and White Porcelain) MV - feat Baron Chen and Cherry Hsia
  • "蒲公英的約定" (Dandelion's Promise) MV - feat clips from Secret
  • "甜甜的" (Sweetness) MV - feat clips concert clips


Hit Fm Annual Top 100 Singles Chart - 2007
Track name Position
"牛仔很忙" (Cowboy On The Run) #11
"彩虹" (Rainbow) #28
"陽光宅男" (Sunshine Nerd) #59

Awards and nominations[edit]

19 Golden Melody Awards, Taiwan - 2008
Award Nomination Result
Best Song of the Year "青花瓷" (Blue and White Porcelain) Won
Best Mandarin Album On the Run Nominated
Best Composer Jay Chou for "青花瓷" (Blue and White Porcelain) Won
Best Lyricist Vincent Fang for "青花瓷" (Blue and White Porcelain) Won
Best Arranger Chung Hsing-min (鍾興民) for "青花瓷" (Blue and White Porcelain) Nominated


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