Ona, Sandøy

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View of Ona village
Norway - Ona.png
Location in Møre og Romsdal (red dot)
Location Romsdal, Norway
Coordinates 62°51′37″N 6°33′15″E / 62.8603°N 6.5543°E / 62.8603; 6.5543Coordinates: 62°51′37″N 6°33′15″E / 62.8603°N 6.5543°E / 62.8603; 6.5543
Archipelago Ona
Total islands 2
Major islands Ona, Husøy
County Møre og Romsdal
Municipality Sandøy Municipality

Ona is a village and an island group located in Sandøy Municipality in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. The tiny island of Ona and the larger island of Husøy are separated by a shallow 15-metre (49 ft) wide waterway. The two islands are collectively referred to as Ona. The islands are located 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) northwest of the island of Sandøya.

View of Ona Lighthouse on Ona

The historic village of Ona covers most of the tiny island of Ona. On the Onakalven cliff, the highest point on Ona, is the Ona Lighthouse which was built in 1867. The lighthouse and the tiny island itself has become a well known tourist spot in Western Norway. It has a ferry connection with the other islands in Sandøy and to the island of Gossa in Aukra Municipality.[1]

The island has a population of about 40, with a gradually diminishing population for the last 50 years. Ona has been populated for centuries because of the proximity to the fishing grounds further out to the Atlantic Ocean, and fishing has traditionally been the only source of income. Lately, several pottery artists have moved to the island.

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