Once Nothing

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Once Nothing
Origin Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Genres Metalcore, southern metal
Years active 2000–2009, 2012-present
Labels Solid State, CI
Associated acts Gwen Stacy, Haste the Day, Terrible Things, Initials, Demise of Eros
Website Myspace page
Members Todd Lowry
Dave Burkes
Josh Branas
Steve Lucarelli
Giuseppe Capolupo
Past members Geoff Jenkins
Ryan Carroll
Kevin Hough
Jordan Tomb

Once Nothing is a self-described "blue collar metal" band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S., and was signed to Solid State Records.[1]


Formation and early years[edit]

Once Nothing was formed in early 2000 by Todd Lowry on vocals, Dave Burkes on bass guitar, Ryan Carroll on guitar and Kevin Hough on drums. Shortly after, guitarist Josh Branas was added and the quintet toured regionally until 2005, when Carroll and Hough left the band. Giuseppe Capolupo, previously of Demise of Eros, replaced Hough on drums. Burkes moved to guitar when Steve Lucarelli was added to the band to take over on bass guitar. The band continued to tour regionally and, in 2006, self-released an EP entitled Voice of the Paragon. They started touring more frequently and, in early 2007, announced they had signed with CI Records. In July 2007, they released another EP entitled Earthmover. [2]

First Came the Law[edit]

First Came the Law was the band's first and only release on Solid State Records. Released on January 15, 2008, the album was toured on for almost a year, though due to member changes and economic hard times, the band broke up before the end of the year.[3]

Break up[edit]

In August 2008, Branas decided to leave the band, with guitarist Jordan Tomb taking his place. After several failed tours, bass guitarist Lucarelli and drummer Capolupo decided to leave the band. In February 2009, Lowry announced that the band was done with two farewell shows, one on April 4 at the Sterling Community Center in Sterling, Virginia, (with Kodiak and In Alcatraz 1962) and another on April 5 at Altabar in Pittsburgh, (with The Last Hope, Neocracy, Failure To Fall and Hyperion).[4]

The April 4 concert had Branas and Burkes on guitars for every song, with Tomb playing for a handful. The band played an extra-long set list including "... And Then Came Grace" (one of the few times the song was ever played live) and "How To Build A Sandcastle" (which had not been played for several years). One song, "Whiskey Breath", was taken out of the set list due to noise curfew (despite the previous band, In Alcatraz 1962, having already cut two songs from their own set list to allow Once Nothing one more time).

The April 5 concert had the same line-up, but with the surprise addition of the former guitarist Carroll and the former drummer Hough appearing on "How to Build a Sandcastle".


Once Nothing reunited for two shows at the end of May 2010. On May 29, they played at The Champion Ship, in Harrisburg, with Lorna Shore and local acts. On May 30, they played in Pittsburgh at Altarbar with local acts.[5]


On May 24, 2012, they announced a reformation on the band's Facebook page. The official statement read:

"First Came the Law" was released January 15, 2008 on Solid State Records. "Earthmover" was release July 24, 2007 on CI Records. We self-released "Voice of the Paragon" June 2, 2006. Before we originally called it quits, we did over 800 shows in 4 years. Seriously. We cut loose at the end of 2008, and did our "last" show May 2009. Then, a year later, almost to the day, we had a reunion show with some of our best friends.

Now, we are older, and our lives are increasingly different from what they were. It'd be hard to find five guys whose lives have changed as much as ours have in only two years. Some of us have careers, some have wives, and some are still fighting the good fight. What matters most now is that we are 5 dudes who love making music together, and that is what we will continue to do. August 11 at Altar Bar in Pittsburgh marks the official return, what comes after that is unwritten. So slick back your hair, grow out your beard, and let's see where we go from here.

Once Nothing//2012 [6]



Former members

  • Geoff Jenkins (2007–2009) - guitar/vocals (Ex-Gwen Stacey)
  • Jordan Tomb (2008–2009) - guitar
  • Ryan Carroll (2000–2005) - guitar
  • Kevin Hough (2000–2005) - drums


  • 2003 - ...And the Blood of the Wicked Shall Flow Like a River (self-released)
  • 2005 - A Reckoning (self-released)
  • 2006 - Voice Of The Paragon (self-released)
  • 2006 - The City Is Surrounded - 2003-2006 Compilation (self-released)
  • 2007 - Earthmover (CI)
  • 2008 - First Came The Law (Solid State)
  • 2013 - The Indiana Sessions (self-released)

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