Once Upon a Time in Triad Society

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Once Upon a Time in Triad Society
VCD cover
Traditional 旺角揸Fit人
Simplified 旺角揸Fit人
Mandarin Wàng Jiǎo Zhā Fit Rén
Cantonese Wong6 Gok6 Zaa1 Fit Jan4
Directed by Cha Chuen-yee
Produced by Cha Chuen-yee
Rico Chung
William Wu
Screenplay by Rico Chung
Starring Francis Ng
Loletta Lee
Music by Johnny Yeung
Cinematography Peter Ngor
Edited by Angie Lam
Concept Link Productions
Uni Film Production
Distributed by Newport Entertainment
Release date
  • 23 May 1996 (1996-05-23)
Running time
100 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK $4,416,130.00

Once Upon a Time in Triad Society (旺角揸Fit人) is a 1996 Hong Kong action film produced and directed by Cha Chuen-yee. The film is a spin-off of the Young and Dangerous film series, focusing on the character of Ugly Kwan, played by Francis Ng.

Cast and roles[edit]

  • Francis Ng as Brother Kwan
  • Loletta Lee as Restaurant / Cart Noodle
  • Allen Ting as Lam Fung
  • Edmond So as So Wai
  • Farini Cheung as Tailor's Daughter
  • Pauline Chan as Nurse
  • Lam Sheung Yee as Brother Sheung-yee / Kwan's father
  • Michael Chan as Brother Lone
  • Jamie Luk as Officer Lam
  • Jeffrey Lam as Triad boss
  • Danny Ko
  • Lam Kee-to as Newspaper editor
  • Winnie Wong
  • Sze Lau-wa as Kwan's lawyer
  • Ringo Chan as Yakuza boss
  • Samuel Leung as Brother Andy
  • Ho Pak-kwong as Tailor
  • Jimmy Wong
  • Pan Chang-jiang
  • Airi Ando
  • Chan kam-pui as Giant
  • Chan Hing-hang as Traid boss
  • Simon Cheung as Policeman
  • Bobby Yip as Loan shark Wong
  • Ridley Tsui as Comic book hero
  • Tanigaki Kenji as Japanese thug
  • So Wai-nam as Kwan's thug
  • Lam Kwok-kit as One of Kwan's hired killers
  • Anthony Carpio as One of Kwan's hired killers
  • Ting Ning

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