Once Upon a Time... The Explorers

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Once Upon a Time... The Explorers
Created byAlbert Barillé
Developed byProcidis
Voices ofRoger Carel
Olivier Destrez
Hélène Levesque
Patrick Préjean
Daniel Beretta
Country of originFrance
No. of episodes26
Running time26 minutes
Original networkFrance 3
Original release1996
Preceded byOnce Upon a Time... The Discoverers (1994)
Followed byOnce Upon a Time... Planet Earth (2008)

Il était une fois... les Explorateurs (English Once Upon a Time... The Explorers) is a French animated TV series from 1996. Directed by Albert Barillé.


  1. The First Navigators
  2. Alexander the Great
  3. Erik the Red and the Discovery of America
  4. Genghis Khan
  5. Ibn Battuta (in Marco Polo's footsteps)
  6. The Great Junks
  7. Vasco da Gama
  8. The Taxis and the first Postal System
  9. The Pinzon Brothers (The Hidden Side of Christopher Columbus)
  10. Amerigo Vespucci
  11. Ferdinand Magellan and del Cano
  12. Cabeza de Vaca
  13. Vitus Bering
  14. Louis Antoine de Bougainville and the Pacifique
  15. Bruce and the Nile
  16. Charles Marie de La Condamine
  17. James Cook
  18. Alexander von Humboldt
  19. Lewis and Clark Expedition
  20. Stuart & Burke and Australia
  21. Stanley & Livingstone
  22. Roald Amundsen, Robert Falcon Scott and the South Pole
  23. Alexandra David-Néel in Tibet
  24. Piccard from the Mountain Tops to the Depth of the Sea
  25. Up to the Peaks
  26. Up to the Stars

Broadcast information[edit]

Country Television broadcasts
France France France 3 *, Canal+ *
Canada Canada CBC Television, Télévision de Radio-Canada, Fairchild TV (Cantonese)
Israel Israel Logi
Indonesia Indonesia SPT (Indonesia) *, SPTI
Spain Spain Televisión Española (TVE) *
Germany Germany WDR *, SWF *, SFB *
Austria Austria ORF
Italy Italy Italia 1 *
Switzerland Switzerland TSR (French) *, RTSI (Italian) *
Belgium Belgium RTBF *
Poland Poland Telewizja Polska (TVP), TV Puls
Portugal Portugal RTP
Sweden Sweden Sveriges Television (SVT)
Finland Finland Yle
Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland RTÉ
United Kingdom United Kingdom Channel 4
United States United States of America PBS
Iceland Iceland Sjónvarpið
Turkey Turkey Kanal D
Hungary Hungary Minimax, Da Vinci Learning
Hong Kong Hong Kong TVB
Croatia Croatia RTL KOCKICA

* Contributing co-producer

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