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Once a Cop (Project S)
Film poster under the American title Supercop 2
Directed by Stanley Tong
Matthew Tang
Produced by Barbie Tung
So Haau Leung
Written by Stanley Tong
Sandy Shaw
Starring Michelle Yeoh
Yu Rongguang
Emil Chau
Jackie Chan
Music by Richard Lo
Cinematography Ardy Lam
Edited by Peter Cheung
Cheung Ka-fai
Golden Harvest
Golden Way Films Ltd.
Distributed by Gala Film Distribution Limited
Release date
  • 21 October 1993 (1993-10-21)
Running time
104 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$9,337,853

Once a Cop (Chinese: 超級計劃) is a 1993 Hong Kong action film directed by Stanley Tong and starring Michelle Yeoh. It is a spin-off of Jackie Chan's Police Story film series involving the character Yeoh portrayed in Police Story 3: Super Cop.

The film is also known as Project S in original territories and many other titles, including Police Story IV (inaccurately), Police Story 3 Part 2, Supercop (UK) and Supercop 2 (US).

Although Jackie Chan only has a cameo appearance in this film, some DVD covers prominently featured Chan, misleading audience to think that he was one of the main characters. He reprises his role as Inspector Chan, but in drag to catch a criminal in drag wearing the same wig and clothes.


Box office[edit]

In Hong Kong, the film managed to gross HK$9,337,853 (as of 8 November 1993). The film was released to the US nearly three years later and it managed to gross US$16,270,600.

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