Once a Crook

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Once a Crook
Directed by Herbert Mason
Produced by Edward Black
Written by Roger Burford
Starring Gordon Harker
Sydney Howard
Bernard Lee
Kathleen Harrison
Raymond Huntley
Cinematography Arthur Crabtree
Edited by R. E. Dearing
Distributed by 20th Century-Fox
Release date
  • 23 August 1941 (1941-08-23) (United Kingdom)
Running time
78 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Once a Crook is a 1941 British crime film directed by Herbert Mason, produced by Edward Black for 20th Century Fox and featuring Gordon Harker, Sydney Howard, Bernard Lee, Kathleen Harrison, and Raymond Huntley. It is an adaptation to the big screen from a stage play by Evadne Price and Ken Attiwell.

Plot summary[edit]

Charlie Hopkins (Gordon Harker) is a retired burglar with an expertise in safecracking. His ex-partner The Duke (Bernard Lee) holds a grudge against Charlie, since he believes he ratted him out and sent him to jail. The Duke is out for revenge against Charlie, and hires Bill Hopkins (Cyril Cusack), Charlie's son, to help him perform a hit, with an intention to frame the kid. The Duke's plan doesn't work out, since Bill turns out to be an even better safecracker than his old man. After many complications along the road, the hit is a success, and The Duke is bereaved of his revenge, ultimately stopped by his good-hearted sweetheart, Estelle (Carla Lehmann). [1]




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