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"Oncol" redirects here. For the mountain, see Cerro Oncol.
Oncol Park
Map showing the location of Oncol Park
Map showing the location of Oncol Park
Location Los Ríos Region, Chile
Nearest city Valdivia
Coordinates 39°42′23″S 73°18′22″W / 39.70628°S 73.30602°W / -39.70628; -73.30602Coordinates: 39°42′23″S 73°18′22″W / 39.70628°S 73.30602°W / -39.70628; -73.30602
Area 393 km2 (152 sq mi)

Oncol Park (Spanish: Parque Oncol) is a natural reserve located 32 km (20 mi) from the city of Valdivia, Chile. The park has an area of 7.54 km2 (3 sq mi) of which most lies on Cerro Oncol (715 m), the highest peak of the Valdivian Coast Range, but is only 5 km (3 mi) from the coast. Oncol Park is located in an area of 15 km2 (6 sq mi) of continuous Valdivian temperate rain forest. From the peak of Cerro Oncol it is possible to see Llaima Volcano, Villarrica Volcano and even Mount Tronador on the international border of Chile and Argentina. The park is property of the wood pulp enterprise Celulosa Arauco y Constitución.

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