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Founded Roveredo in Piano, Italy
Headquarters Roveredo in Piano, Italy
Products telecommunications
Website www.ondacommunication.com

Onda S.p.A. was an Italian cellular phone manufacturer. The company′s headquarters is in Roveredo in Piano (PN) with a subsidiary in Rome (Italy) and in Nanjing (China).

Telecom Italia is a major distributor of Onda handsets.


Mobile Phones[edit]

  • N1000iB
  • N1010
  • N1020
  • N1030
  • N2020
  • N2030
  • N3000
  • N3020
  • N3030
  • N4000
  • N4000i
  • N5000
  • N5020


  • DUAL MODE Card N500DH
  • EDGE Card N100E
  • EDGE Card N775
  • UMTS Card N300U

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