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Yaba Street, Ondo

Ondo City is the second largest city in Ondo State, Nigeria. It has a population of 275,917. [1] Local industries include food processing and cocoa manufacture.

Ondo City is primarily inhabited by the Yoruba. The city hosts Wesley University of Science and Technology, Adeyemi University of Education, and John Bosco Institute of Technology. Popular secondary schools include Ondo Boys High School, St. Joseph's college, Ondo grammar school, St. Louis and St. Monica's grammar Schools. The Ondo Boys High School, founded in 1919, is one of Africa's 50 oldest schools. [2]

Ondo has a 10,000 capacity stadium and a division two football professional team, The Works Football club. Companies in Ondo include Premier Metal Industry, John Holt, Nigerian Concrete Industry etc. Hotels in Ondo include Sunny Sky, Adesuper Hotel, Akiavic, Sun Breakers Olamojiba hotel etc. Popular festivals celebrated in Ondo include Odunbami, Ogun festivals and Ekinmogun day.

Ondo City is the trade center for the surrounding region. Yams, cassava, grain, and tobacco are grown, and cotton is also grown and used to weave cloth. It is also the largest producer of cocoa products in the region. [3]

The title of the king of the town, who reigns as a direct descendant of the fabled Emperor Oduduwa, is Osemawe. The serving incumbent is Dr. Victor Kiladejo, who was selected in September 2006 following the death of the former king, Dr. Festus Ibidapo Adesanoye. [4]

Royal portrait painter Chinwe Chukwuogo-Roy MBE, was born in Ondo in 1952. In 2001 she painted the official Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II for her Golden Jubilee.


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Coordinates: 7°05′N 4°50′E / 7.083°N 4.833°E / 7.083; 4.833

ondo city also hosts a special hospital with modern medical facilities.

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