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Ondskapt performing at Devivilstone Open Air 2011.jpg
Background information
Origin Stockholm, Sweden
Genres Black metal
Years active 2000–present
Labels Osmose Productions
Associated acts Shining
Website http://ondskapt.atspace.com/
Members Acerbus
Past members Skamfer
Marcus Hinze
Fredric "Wredhe" Gråby

Ondskapt (Swedish for "created of evil") are a Swedish black metal band. They have previously shared members with other Swedish metal projects such as IXXI and Shining.


Ondskapt were formed in Stockholm in 2000. Their EP Slave Under His Immortal Will was released through Shining vocalist Kvarforth's label Selbstmord Services in 2001, followed by their début album Draco Sit Mihi Dux in 2003. Their second album Dödens Evangelium was released through Next Horizon Records and Norma Evangelium Diaboli in 2005. They are currently signed to Osmose Productions, who released the band's third album Arisen From the Ashes in 2010.

Style and ideology[edit]

Ondskapt are supposedly inspired by Ofermod.[1][2] Their lyrical themes deal mostly with Theistic Satanism and Death Worship. Ondskapt are, according to their first release Slave Under His Immortal Will, ″merely an instrument of religious Devilworship, thus, the music and lyrics never would exist without the doctrinal as well as spiritual inversion of orthodox faith″. They released a manifesto referring to their Devil worship on their first album and their homepage.[3][4] They are a part of a newer generation of Swedish Satanic bands like Watain, also supposedly inspired by Ofermod,[1][2] who put this scene "into a new light"[5] and became the leaders of the Swedish scene.[6] Kvarforth said, "[i]t seems like people actually [got] afraid again".[5]


  • Slave Under His Immortal Will (EP, 2001)
  • Draco Sit Mihi Dux (2003)
  • Dödens Evangelium (2005)
  • Arisen From the Ashes (2010)


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