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  • Beverage
  • Coffee
  • Wine
Founded 2007
Headquarters Santa Ana, California
Key people
Jake Kloberdanz
  • Wines
  • Coffees
Number of employees

ONEHOPE is a California-based social enterprise that sells wine and other products and services to raise awareness and funding for charitable organizations and social causes.[1][2] ONEHOPE donates half of its profits to charity and each ONEHOPE wine varietal supports a different charitable cause or organization.[3][4][5] The company's charitable donations are made through the ONEHOPE Foundation.[6][7] The ONEHOPE Foundation has raised over $1 million for various charities.[6]

ONEHOPE co-founder Jake Kloberdanz is the company's chief executive officer.[8] ONEHOPE Winery is in Napa, California. Robert Mondavi, Jr., grandson of Robert Mondavi, has partnered with the winery.[5][9]


In 2005, Jake Kloberdanz was a district sales manager for E&J Gallo Winery.[8][10] In August 2006, one of his childhood friends was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Kloberdanz had observed that products supporting charity sold well in grocery stores, and he began planning what would become ONEHOPE.[10][11] Kloberdanz and seven of his coworkers left Gallo to start ONEHOPE as a charitable business in 2007.[10][12] The company was launched with $10,000 and an initial partnership with Sonoma Wine Company and vintner David Eliot to create its wine.[1][10] The company's first wine, a 2005 merlot, sold 8,000 bottles in its first year.[13][14]

Mama D's Italian Kitchen, a local restaurant in Newport Beach, California, became ONEHOPE Wine's first commercial account in 2007.[5] Albertsons started carrying ONEHOPE Wine in 2008.[12] Young's Market Company became the company's first distributor in 2009.[5]

Robert Mondavi Jr., owner and president of Folio Fine Wine Partners, became the company's winemaker in 2010.[15] ONEHOPE Wine's partnership with the Mondavi family began when ONEHOPE vice president of sales and co-founder Sarah Gora met Michael Mondavi, father of Robert Jr., at a wine tradeshow.[8] Robert Mondavi Jr. also sources the ingredients used in ONEHOPE Wine.[8]

In 2012, ONEHOPE began selling coffee in partnership with Lamill Coffee.[5] The company released its Darius Rucker signature series wine in 2012.[16] Whole Foods Market began selling ONEHOPE Wines in 2013.[17][18]


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