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OneOne is the collective name for an ongoing music project featuring Saya (the principal singer and songwriter with Tenniscoats) and Satomi Matsuzaki (front-woman and bassist for Deerhoof). They released their debut album, AoooO, in December 2008. In Japan it appeared on the P-vine label. It is intended for release in the USA via Aquarius Records.

Saya said in a December interview with Japanzine that the pair first met in San Francisco, in connection with a musical exchange program. AoooO was subsequently written and recorded over the intervening years, and was mixed by Deerhoof's Greg Saunier.

The band undertook their first Japanese tour in September, 2008, accompanied by Takashi Ueno (also of Tenniscoats) and the aforementioned Greg Saunier. In the same Japanzine interview, Saya mentioned that the accompanists were nicknamed CanCan, but they were essentially improvised support.

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