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IndustryMarket Research
Number of locations
Two (2010)
Area served
ServicesSurvey & polling, product testing, public relations, international market research Edit this on Wikidata

OnePoll is a survey-led marketing research company specialising in online and mobile polling. It has offices in London and Bristol.[1] The company is owned by PR and marketing firm 72Point and forms part of the South West News Service (SWNS) Group, which is the UK's largest independent press agency and newswire service. The firm has an online and iPhone panel of over 100,000 Britons ranging across all demographics. Panel members are paid for completing surveys, which typically contain between 10 and 20 questions.[2] OnePoll has carried out projects for many brands including Philips, Travelodge and Halifax.[3]


OnePoll was set up to run surveys to aid the PR industry and works for PR agencies including Pegasus PR, Red Consultancy and Ketchum.[3] OnePoll research has in the past has been featured in national newspapers, on radio, TV, mobiles and online.[4]

Recently OnePoll has expanded into research targeted specifically at the marketing and advertising sectors.[1] OnePoll also complete work through a series of specialist demographic panels including MumPoll, YoungPoll, ExecPoll and SilverPoll (for the over-50s).[5] Another recent innovation within the company has been the exploration of new territories for polling purposes, with panel registration sites being launched in France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the United States.[3]

The company recently moved into mobile polling with the launch of an iPhone app which is available for use in the U.S. and UK.[2]


OnePoll clients include Halifax, Philips and Travelodge[3] and range across industries from Kelloggs to Virgin Atlantic, Nat West to M&S.[6] Examples of media coverage through OnePoll include a survey-led national news story conducted on behalf of Philips on the average time British people feel full awake,[7] and a breakdown of Britain's best-selling toys of the last 25 years, carried out for Toys R Us and appearing in national newspapers including The Sun,[8] The Telegraph[9] and Metro.[10]


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