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Non-profit Organization
IndustryInternet video sharing site
FoundedFeb 2001
FounderPeter Willian Armstrong
HeadquartersLondon, UK
Number of employees

OneWorldTV is a nonprofit internet video sharing and social networking site aiming to Climate Change, Human Rights, Social Justice Sustainable Development etc. OneWorldTV is part of an international network of centres.

OneWorldTV was established in 2001 by Peter Armstrong to offer a better understanding of the developing world through the use of documentary film and video. OneWorldTV was one of the first video sharing sites on the internet, pioneering the concept of user generated content and citizen journalism by offering the user the ability to upload their own films and video clips directly to the site.[1]

In June 2008 OneWorldTV was relaunched. With the new site there is still the ability to upload videos, but now the user has the ability to 'recommend' or embed videos from elsewhere.

The website has a membership which includes video activists, NGOs, journalists and documentary filmmakers and shows examples of participatory video (PV) projects from around the world.


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