Whitacre Tower

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Whitacre Tower
View of One AT&T Plaza from the southeast
General information
Type Office
Location 208 South Akard Street
Completed 1984
Owner Icahn Enterprises
Roof 580 ft (180 m)
Technical details
Floor count 37

Whitacre Tower, also known as One AT&T Plaza, and formerly known as One Bell Plaza and One SBC Plaza, is a 37-story high-rise in Downtown Dallas, located adjacent to the Akard Street Mall.

It serves as headquarters for AT&T and for Southwestern Bell Telephone, who operates as "AT&T Southwest". The building is 580 feet (177 m) tall and was constructed in 1984. Currently, it is the 13th-tallest building in the city. The white stone and glass skyscraper has over 1,000,000 square feet (93,000 m2) of office space.[1]


The Whitacre Tower was built in 1982.[1]

AT&T moved its headquarters to the tower from a location in San Antonio, Texas, in 2008. Mayor of Dallas Tom Leppert said in 2008 that he hoped that AT&T would stay in the central city.[2] Most of the around 700 workers moving to the Whitacre Tower were moved into 17 floors that were being refurbished. In August 2008 AT&T sold the tower to Icahn Enterprises and took a long term lease in the tower.[1]

AT&T renamed the tower the Whitacre Tower after Edward Whitacre, Jr., a former chairperson and chief executive, in 2009. AT&T moved Spirit of Communication, a gold statue, from its Bedminster, New Jersey, offices to the Whitacre Tower.[3]

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