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The One-Act Festival is an annual theatre festival that high schools and districts all across the United States hold.

The different districts are each separated into groups and then compete against each other by doing a one-act play in 40 minutes or less. Plays such as Almost Maine, Spoon River, The Boys Next Door and Away From Here are some examples of the plays that have been used in the festival. There are also some high school student playwrights that write a play on their own specifically for this competition.

The festival is separated into different levels: Regionals, States, and Area (New England, Mid West, etc.). There is no National stage of competition. The Area level is purely a festival. It is a showcase of the best in each state, not a competition.

In order to qualify for the subsequent stages of the festival, a school must achieve first place (Given to two schools) in the initial stage. Judges score on the basis of the actors' performances as well as the technical stage crews' speed and efficiency.

The judges present all of their comments, questions and sometimes even compliments on the play, the set, the actors, the costumes and stage crew to the entire cast and crew when they are in the adjudication room.

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