One Armed Boxer

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One Armed Boxer
Traditional Chinese獨臂拳王
One Armed Boxer
MandarinDú bì quánwáng
Directed byJimmy Wang Yu
Produced byRaymond Chow
Written byJimmy Wang Yu
StarringJimmy Wang Yu, Tien Yeh, Tang Hsin, Lung Fei
Music byWang Fu Ling, Wang Ping
CinematographyMo Shen Ku
Edited byChen Hung Min, Chang Yao Chung
Distributed byGolden Harvest Company
Media Asia Group
Release date
  • 1971 (1971)
Running time
89 minutes
CountryHong Kong

One Armed Boxer (獨臂拳王) is a 1971 Hong Kong martial arts film starring Jimmy Wang Yu. It is about a skilled Chinese martial artist who loses an arm and must exact revenge on his rival school.

For the film, Wang Yu, who has both of his arms in real life, had his right arm strapped to his back, and in some shots his other arm can be briefly seen. Released worldwide during 1973, the film came to the United States in late 1973 with a name change: it was released to U.S. theaters as The Chinese Professionals.


Tien Lung, the best fighter at the Ching Te martial arts school gets into a fight with the local Hook Gang at a restaurant where Tien Lung and his friends are dining. The Hook Gang are part of a local opium-dealing and prostitution ring run by a man named Chao and are rivals of the Ching Te school. The Ching Te school is the most prominent martial arts academy in town and controls the local clothes-dyeing and brick factories. In a quick battle, Tien and his friends easily defeat the Hook gang both in the restaurant and again later in the valley where they have a battle royale.

The beaten Hook gang members return to Chao and tell him how Tien and the Ching Te school beat them for no reason. More importantly, the Hook gang lies and tells Chao that Tien had disrespected their group. This infuriates Chao enough to go to the Ching Te dojo and challenge Tien's master, Hang Tui, to a fight. Hang Tui quickly defeats Chao, leaving him even more humiliated.

Chao plans his revenge by hiring a group of mercenary martial artists from Shanghai. This group consists of two karate experts and their teacher, a Judo master, a Taekwondo expert, two Thai boxing fighters, a Yoga expert, and two mystic Tibetan lamas (who are later revealed in the sequel to be students of an Imperial Assassin). With this group, Chao easily destroys the Ching Te school and all of their businesses, leaving everyone dead except for Tien Lung who loses his right arm. Tien Lung vows revenge and begins his training to destroy anyone and everyone who stands in his way.


  • Yu Wang
  • Yu Tien Lung
  • Yeh Tien
  • Hsin Tang
  • Hsiao Yu
  • Fei Lung


One Armed Boxer was followed by Master of the Flying Guillotine, with Jimmy Wang Yu both directing and reprising his role as the one-armed kung fu master Tien Lung.[1] With his arm strapped behind his back, Wang Yu had earlier portrayed the One-Armed Swordsman in two films for the Shaw Brothers Studio.


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