One Day, One Room

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"One Day, One Room"
House episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 12
Directed by Juan J. Campanella
Written by David Shore
Featured music "Grey Room" by Damien Rice
Original air date January 30, 2007
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Words and Deeds"
Next →
"Needle in a Haystack"
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"One Day, One Room" is the twelfth episode of the third season of House and the fifty-eighth episode overall.


Cuddy gives House extra mandatory clinic duty as a repayment for her perjury on his behalf in the previous episode. He is forced to examine three patients who fear that they may have sexually transmitted diseases. He goes out to the waiting room where one of the waiting patients suddenly jumps up and starts running around the room clutching his ear. House convinces Cuddy to let him take the case rather than working clinic. His team comes up with some tests to run, but he tells them that the man has a cockroach stuck in his ear, and that it simply bit him. He only took on the case to avoid clinic duty. Cameron tells Cuddy, who forces House to continue his clinic duty. Cuddy says she will pay him $10 for each patient he successfully diagnoses without physically touching, as long as he pays her $10 for each one he has to touch. However, his plan to win the game appears to be ruined when he has to diagnose an attractive female patient. Meanwhile, Cameron deals with a homeless patient with terminal lung cancer who wants to die in suffering simply so that someone will remember him.

One of the first clinic patients House must treat is psychologically disturbed Eve (Katheryn Winnick), who is diagnosed with chlamydia. She begins sobbing and House explains that it is a curable disease. When she suddenly shouts "Don't touch me!" House realizes that she was raped. Eve insists that House treat her and Cuddy forces him to spend time with her. In an effort to earn her trust so she will talk about the rape, House tells her of an abusive grandmother he had as a child who would make him take ice baths and sleep in the yard if he misbehaved. Scrutinizing the details, Eve becomes skeptical and asks if the story is true. House concedes that it is "true for somebody", but not necessarily him. At that point, Cuddy calls House outside and informs him that Eve is pregnant.

When House explains the situation to Eve and insists that she terminate the pregnancy, she deems the solution unacceptable. They go for a walk, debating the philosophy of abortion and religion. Ultimately, House concedes that the story he told her earlier was true, but it was not his grandmother who abused him, it was his father. With that revelation, Eve finally feels comfortable to open up to him and she begins to tell him about the rape. At the same time, Cameron is disconnecting the homeless man from the monitoring equipment, as he has finally died.

In a closing conversation with Wilson and Cuddy, House explains that Eve has been discharged after ultimately terminating the pregnancy. In the background plays "Grey Room" by Damien Rice.

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