One Down, Two to Go (film)

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One Down, Two to Go
Directed by Fred Williamson
Written by Fred Williamson
Starring Fred Williamson
Jim Brown
Richard Roundtree
Jim Kelly
Music by Herb Hetzer
Joe Trunzo
Po' Boy Productions
Release date
19 November 1982 (USA)
Running time
84 minutes
Language English

One Down, Two to Go is a 1982 American blaxploitation film written and directed by Fred Williamson and starring Fred Williamson, Jim Brown, Richard Roundtree and Jim Kelly.[1]


A pair of tough cops, Cal (Fred Williamson) and J (Jim Brown), go after the mob after it jinxes the martial arts tournament and injures their friend Chuck (Jim Kelly).


In order to make the fights look more authentic during the fictitious martial arts tournament in the opening of the film they are in fact real and not staged, the winner of each fight got paid five hundred dollars and the loser one hundred dollars.[citation needed]


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