One Droopy Knight

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One Droopy Knight
Droopy series
Directed by Michael Lah
Produced by William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Story by Homer Brightman
Narrated by Bill Thompson (Droopy)
Voices by Bill Thompson as Sir Droopy and Sir Butch
Daws Butler
Music by Scott Bradley
Animation by Bill Schipek
Ken Southworth
Irvin Spence
Herman Cohen
Layouts by Ed Benedict
Backgrounds by F. Montealegre
Studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Cartoons
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date(s) December 6, 1957 (1957-12-06)
Color process Technicolor (CinemaScope)
Running time 6 min (one reel)
Language English

One Droopy Knight is a 1957 animated short subject in the Droopy series, directed by Michael Lah and produced by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in CinemaScope as well.


Essentially a remake of 1949's Señor Droopy, but taking in a medieval setting rather than the country of Mexico, One Droopy Knight casts Droopy and his rival Butch as medieval knights out to slay a dragon and win the hand of a beautiful human princess. However, the dragon considers both as nothing more than minor nuisances. Droopy though, takes more chances to slay the dragon, but it thinks Droopy is small and harmless. Meanwhile, Butch is being foiled after being molded into a metal can.

Droopy however, bangs a flail on the dragon's tail and says,"Take that you no good dragon!" Once again the dragon single-handedly flicks Droopy away. Butch comes back riding on a steed. Suddenly, the dragon blows fire on Butch and the horse, leaving them naked.

Butch gives up and goes away, while Droopy stands and cries looking at a picture of the princess. The dragon draws a French moustache on the photo and laughs outrageously. Droopy calmly gets mad and says "Mr. Dragon, that makes me mad." Then he beats up the dragon and wins the heart of the princess. Finally, at the palace, Droopy reads the ending of the story of the dragon and closes the book. He kisses the princess's hand, then takes up a cigar to show her about smoking, and Droopy gives the cigar a blow, the dragon comes up, and breathes fire on it. The result is smoke coming out from the cigar when Droopy smokes it before revealing this to the princess.


In 1958, producers William Hanna and Joseph Barbera were nominated for an Academy Award for "Best Animated Short" for One Droopy Knight, but lost for Birds Anonymous, a Sylvester & Tweety cartoon from Warner Bros..[1]


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