One Life, One Death

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One Life, One Death
One Life, One Death - BUCK-TICK.jpg
Studio album by Buck-Tick
Released September 20, 2000
Genre Industrial rock
Length 49:42
Label BMG Funhouse
Producer Buck-Tick
Buck-Tick chronology
One Life, One Death
One Life, One Death Cut Up
Singles from One Life, One Death
  1. "Glamorous"
    Released: September 6, 2000

One Life, One Death is the 11th album by Buck-Tick, their first on BMG/Funhouse, released on September 20, 2000.[1] The title comes from lyrics to "Cyborg Dolly: Sora-mimi: Phantom", which also mentions cloning sheep and is named after the famous Dolly. It reached number eleven on the Oricon chart.[2]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Baby, I Want You." Sakurai Imai  
2. "Check Up" Imai Imai  
3. "Glamorous -Fluxus-" Sakurai Imai  
4. "Cyborg Dolly: Sora-mimi: Phantom" (細胞具ドリー: ソラミミ:PHANTOM) Imai Imai  
5. "Cain" (カイン) Sakurai Imai  
6. "Death Wish" Sakurai Hoshino  
7. "Megami" (女神) Sakurai Hoshino  
8. "Sapphire" (サファイア) Sakurai Imai  
9. "Rhapsody" Imai Imai  
10. "Flame" Sakurai Imai  


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