One Man Show (album)

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One Man Show
One Man Show.jpg
Live album by Lindsey Buckingham
Released November 14, 2012
Recorded September 1, 2012
Genre Rock
Label Buckingham Records
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One Man Show
Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie
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One Man Show is a live album by Fleetwood Mac guitarist/vocalist Lindsey Buckingham released for download only on November 13, 2012 via iTunes. The live show was recorded from a single night in Des Moines, Iowa whilst Lindsey was on his one-man show tour of North American venues in 2012.


Buckingham says:
"As an artist, you need to seek out what is essential and discard what is inessential, to always keep an eye on what lives at the center. That was the impetus for this performance. My center has always been voice and guitar, and as I've evolved, I've looked to broaden the range and vocabulary of that center. So when I decided to tour in 2012, it suddenly felt as though I'd been working towards something, that I'd arrived at a new place. I sensed it was time to do something I'd never done: A one man show. This performance is from a single night in Des Moines, Iowa, taken right off the console mix, with a couple of room mikes added in. It's live and raw, with no post-production. I love it! It captures not only the spirit of the performance, but also the spirit of where I now live as an artist." [1]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Lindsey Buckingham, except "Shut Us Down", which was written by Buckingham and Cory Sipper:

  1. "Cast Away Dreams"
  2. "Bleed to Love Her"
  3. "Not Too Late"
  4. "Stephanie"
  5. "Come"
  6. "Shut Us Down"
  7. "Go Insane"
  8. "Never Going Back Again"
  9. "Big Love"
  10. "I'm So Afraid"
  11. "Go Your Own Way"
  12. "Trouble"
  13. "Seeds We Sow"



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