One Missed Call 2

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One Missed Call 2
Directed by Renpei Tsukamoto
Produced by Yoichi Arishige
Naoki Satō
Written by Yasushi Akimoto
Minako Daira
Starring Mimura
Renji Ishibashi
Peter Ho
Asaka Seto
Yū Yoshizawa
Haruko Wanibuchi
Cinematography Tokusho Kikumura
Edited by Soichi Ueno
Release dates
  • August 5, 2005 (2005-08-05)
Running time
105 minutes
Language Japanese

One Missed Call 2 (Japanese: 着信アリ2 Hepburn: Chakushin ari 2?) is a Japanese horror film, and the sequel to the J-Horror film One Missed Call.


Set a year after the original, One Missed Call 2 introduces Kyoko Okudera and her friend Madoka Uchiyama. Both women are teaching assistants at a kindergarten in the middle of Tokyo. Madoka persuades Kyoko to visit a restaurant where Kyoko's boyfriend Naoto Sakurai works part-time at. Mei-Feng is the daughter of the cook, and her cellphone rings with the "ringtone of death". However, she is out buying groceries and her father answers it. The call was meant to be for Mei-Feung, but since her father answered it, he hears his own death instead. Later, when the restaurant is closed, Mei-Feung gives Kyoko and Madoka her new phone number since she has gotten a new one along with a new cellphone. Seconds after exchanging numbers, Madoka gets a call with the ringtone of death.

Naoto is in the kitchen looking for the cook, and discovers him dead with half his face burned off. The police are then alerted. Detective Motomiya comes to the scene first and questions Naoto whether the death is related to the cell phone curse spread by Mimiko Mizunuma, though Naoto doesn't mention anything related to it. The next day he is confronted by Detective Takako Nozoe who also questions him about the incident, where Naoto tells her about the truth. Meanwhile, Kyoko and Madoka are video chatting through their phones. Kyoko sees a strange figure behind Madoka, and asks if someone is over. Madoka says that she is alone, but Kyoko sees the figure coming closer. She keeps asking Madoka if she sees something behind her, but Madoka doesn't see anything. The figure reaches for Kyoko through the phone, and in a panic she throws it at the wall, disconnecting her and Madoka. Kyoko rushes to Madoka's apartment to save her, but finds Madoka mutilated in the shower. Naoto and Takako arrive in the apartment shortly and they and Kyoko witness Kyoko's phone ringing with the ringtone of death.

The missed call comes with a video showing Kyoko with her mouth sewn, looking ominously behind chain-link fence. Detective Motomiya promises to help and goes on to perform an autopsy on the bodies of the victims including Mimiko's body. Takako, Kyoko, and Naoto go on to investigate the case themselves, searching for Mimiko's grandparents. They meet with Mimiko's grandmother who works at a restaurant. She tells them that Mimiko was born out of rape and that her husband killed the lunatic afterwards. He was jailed and felt chased by a child, and after being released, he went back to his old home in Taiwan. Takako visits Taiwan and finds Mimiko's grandfather dead with his cellphone in his hand. She discovers from her ex-husband, Yuting Chen, that similar mysterious deaths occurred here.

After repeatedly being haunted by the mysterious ghost girl, Kyoko and Naoto decide to go to Taiwan as well to figure out how to save Kyoko. Meanwhile, Motomiya is informed that Yumi Nakamura's (protagonist of the first film) body has been found and that the autopsy reveals that Mimiko was just another victim of the curse, which has a different origin. At the same time, Takako finds out that the murders actually started from an old mining town, which is now a ghost town. The trio visit an old woman, who is the last person that lived in that town. The old woman tells them that the curse started 100 years ago with a girl named Li Li. Li Li was a "creepy child" who was bullied by the other children of the town. One day, while she was being made fun of by a group of kids, Li Li finally snapped and "cursed" everyone in the town. The relatives of the dead children became enraged by Li Li's curse, and as a result, they took her into the mine where they sewed her mouth shut so she couldn't foretell anymore deaths, after which they sealed her alive in the mines. Takako receives a call from Yuting who tells him that he also received the curse recently, forcing her to take the case seriously and go to the town with Kyoko and Naoto.

Finding the mine blocked, they split up in which Takako discovers another entrance. However, she meets Mimiko's ghost inside and passes out. She dreams about her twin sister who was killed after receiving the phone curse years ago. She saves her from answering the call on a payphone and apologizes to her. Upon waking up, she remembers about Yuting's curse and races to his apartment. When nothing happens, she believes the curse is lifted and hugs Yuting. Meanwhile, Kyoko is trapped by the vengeful spirit of Li Li, but Naoto is able to bring her to safety. They are pursued by the ghost, and Naoto sacrifices himself by answering Kyoko's ringing cellphone.

Some time later, Kyoko recovers in a hospital bed. Takako leaves Kyoko's hospital room when she receives a call informing her that Motomiya (who called her recently) was killed in a car crash while going to find Yumi's body the day before. During this time some officers from the Taipei Police show up in Kyoko's room to ask a few questions about the two bodies found in the abandoned mine, which leaves Kyoko extremely confused. Meanwhile, Takako goes to Yuting's apartment and discovers his corpse, as well as a video camera which seems to show herself stabbing him. She opens her cellphone, and notices she has a missed call from herself, stamped with a time that passed hours ago (5:58 p.m. is her death time but the current time is 8:05 p.m. on that same day), she looks at her watch this time and notices it has stopped at the time that she had fallen in the mines. She realizes that Mimiko had stabbed her, and that she had already died at the hands of Mimiko. Spitting out a red hard candy, she is seen smiling as the death ringtone is heard. The ending song is Ai No Inori by Aki[disambiguation needed].


  • Mimura as Kyoko Okudera
  • Yū Yoshizawa as Naoto Sakurai
  • Chisun as Madoka Uchiyama
  • Hakobu Okubo as Wang Jianfeng
  • Shadow Liu as Wang Meifeng
  • Toshie Kobayashi as Gao Shumei
  • Mariko Tsutsui as Marie Mizunuma
  • Renji Ishibashi as Yusaku Motomiya
  • Karen Oshima as Mimiko Mizunuma
  • Nana Koizumi as Li Li
  • Haruko Wanibuchi as Sachie Mizunuma
  • Peter Ho as Chen Yuting
  • Asaka Seto as Takako Nozoe

Kou Shibasaki, Shinichi Tsutsumi, Kazue Fukiishi, Anna Nagata, Atsushi Ida, and Kana Ito additionally appear as Yumi Nakamura, Hiroshi Yamashita, Natsumi Konishi, Yoko Okazaki, Kenji Kawai, and Rina Tsuchiya, respectively, through archive footage from the first film.

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