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One Month is an online teaching platform providing tutorials for digital tools, including Ruby on Rails, CSS, iOS, Web Security and Programming for Non-Programmers.[1] The company's name comes from courases that are designed to teach a programming language in 30 days.[2] The company has had over 25,000 users,[3] including employees of internet firms, American universities, and banks.[4]


One Month was founded in May 2013[2] by Chris Castiglione and Mattan Griffel. Castiglione was previously a teacher of "Programming For Non-Programmers" at General Assembly and Columbia University.[5] Griffel created a Skillshare course called "Teach Yourself to Code: One Month Rails." [6] The company, based in New York City, was originally known as One Month Rails, and taught basic Ruby on Rails coding.[7][8] Griffel became CEO of One Month[9] and was featured on the Forbes "30 under 30" list of 2015. In 2013, the company raised $770k from Y Combinator,[10] Maverick Capital, Lew Moorman, Innovation Works, General Catalyst Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Winklevoss Capital Management, FundersClub, and Wefunder.[11][8][12][13]

In December 2014, One Month acquired GoRails, a learning resource for Ruby on Rails, [7][14] with Chris Oliver, founder of GoRails and LaunchCode,[14][15] joining the One Month team in New York r.[7][14] The company launched a program in January 2015 awarding scholarships to women in the technology field.[9][16] In June 2015, the company raised $1.9 million in funding from Idea Bulb Ventures, Arena Ventures, and Cornerstone OnDemand.[3][17]


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