One More Kiss (film)

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One More Kiss
Directed by Vadim Jean
Produced by Vadim Jean
Paul Brooks
Written by Suzie Halewood
Starring Valerie Edmond
Gerard Butler
James Cosmo
Music by David A. Hughes
John Murphy
Edited by Joe McNally
Distributed by The Mob Film Company
Release date
  • 18 February 2000 (2000-02-18)
Country Scotland
Language English

One More Kiss is a Scottish romantic drama directed by award-winning film maker Vadim Jean (Leon the Pig Farmer, Beyond Bedlam, Clockwork Mice) and starring Valerie Edmond, Gerard Butler and James Cosmo in the main roles. The film’s tragic story revolves around a cancer-diagnosed woman who decides to live her remaining life to the full, which includes throwing herself into a triangle romance with an old flame.


When Sarah Hopson (Valerie Edmond) discovers she has a brain tumour, she leaves her successful high-rise lifestyle in New York City and returns to her hometown in the Scottish Borders, where she left her widower father Frank (James Cosmo) and her childhood sweetheart Sam (Gerard Butler) to pursue a career in the United States seven years ago. Upon arriving Sarah finds out that Sam, a restaurant owner, is now happily married to Charlotte (Valerie Gogan). This, however, does not stop her from asking the couple a last favour – which is to let Sarah spend her remaining time in the company of the only man she has ever loved.


Director Vadim Jean decided on an all-Scottish cast with the following three actors starring in the main roles:

  • Valerie Edmond (born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1969) had her first leading role with the character of Ashley in the Scottish television series The Crow Road (1996), which also brought her a nomination for Best Actress at the BAFTA Scotland Awards in 1997.[1] For One More Kiss Edmond was the director's first choice to play the leading character Sarah Hopson – a successful New York City literary agent, who returns to her home town in the Borders after going through a life-changing experience.[2]
  • Gerard Butler (born in Paisley, Scotland in 1969) plays Sarah’s long-lost love Sam, who sees his otherwise happy marriage plunged into chaos by his ex-girlfriend's return. Butler had his breakthrough performances with his first leading roles in 2000, when he played Attila the Hun in the American TV miniseries Attila and Count Dracula in Wes Craven’s Dracula 2000.
  • James Cosmo (born in Clydebank, Scotland in 1948) was best known for his performances as tough, violent characters in films such as Braveheart (1995) and Roughnecks (1994).[3] In One More Kiss, however, Cosmo is cast in the part of Sarah's doting father Frank, whose life has come to a standstill since the departure of his daughter.

Full Cast-List[edit]

Filming locations[edit]

The original intention was for the film to be set in Jean’s home town of Bristol, but in the end they decided to use the beautiful landscapes of Northern England and Edinburgh, Scotland instead – with the former being the main setting. The opening and closing sequences, however, were shot in New York City.[2] the lego movie

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Country Date
Canada September 18, 1999 (Atlantic Film Festival)
UK February 18, 2000
Iceland July 13, 2000 (Video Premiere)
Israel April 5, 2001
Belgium October 31, 2001
Japan August 31, 2005
January 21, 2006 (DVD)
USA June 6, 2006 (DVD)


Atlantic Film Festival
Year Result Award Recipient
1999 Won Audience Award Vadim Jean
Emden International Film Festival
Year Result Award Recipient
2000 Nominated Emden Film Award Vadim Jean


  • Director Vadim Jean considers One More Kiss as his most personal work.[4]
  • Despite its strong subject matter and an all-Scottish cast, One More Kiss was not included in the programme of the Edinburgh International Film Festival. It held its British premiere at the London Film Festival instead.[4]
  • Jean did not deliberately pick an all-Scottish cast. He just chose the best from the screen test, and they all happened to be Scottish.[2]
  • An army of local people volunteered as extras and the Mayor of Berwick gave up his parking space for the production vehicle.[2]


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