One Perfect Day (2004 film)

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One Perfect Day
One Perfect Day.jpg
Directed byPaul Currie
Produced byPaul Currie
Phil Gregory
Written byPaul Currie
Chip Richards
StarringDan Spielman
Leeanna Walsman
Nathan Phillips
Dawn Klingberg
Music byJosh G. Abrahams
David Hobson
Paul van Dyk
CinematographyGary Ravenscroft
Edited byAmelia Ford
Gary Woodyard
Distributed byRoadshow Entertainment (Australia)
Release date
  • 19 February 2004 (2004-02-19)
Running time
106 minutes

One Perfect Day is an Australian film released in 2004.


The central character of the film is Tommy Matisse; his name combines the title of The Who's 1969 rock opera Tommy and the last name of twentieth century French painter Henri Matisse.

Tommy is a Melbourne boy studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London. He is a violinist and composer who hears music in unusual sources such as the ambient noises of a train in the London Underground or the chirping of crickets. He is a rebel against the traditions of classical music and displays this by bringing a homeless woman living in the Underground on stage for a concert.

A sympathetic professor decides that he is the type of innovative artist needed to revive a dying opera artform. Having shocked opera's establishment, he returns home to Melbourne on the death of his younger sister Emma, who suffers a fatal overdose after experimenting with drugs at a rave dance party. He discovers a CD of her own mixes and decides to enter the genre of electronic music to follow the path she was pursuing in the hopes of discovering more about his sister and how she became involved in this dance world. Emma's death acts as a catalyst that drives Tommy and his girlfriend Alysse apart. In despair, Alysse falls prey to a sleazy entrepreneur named Hector Lee who owns a club called Trance-Zen-Dance and who is also a drug dealer. Hector Lee has a young assistant called Trig who is a VJ, and is always getting new footage and talent.




The soundtrack was released on 15 February 2004 by Universal Music, and debuted at number forty-six on the Australian album charts in the week beginning 23 February 2004 and manage to reach to number twenty-two. The title track, sung by Lydia Denker, debuted at number thirty-five on the Australian single charts. There are two versions of the soundtrack:

One-disc version track listing
  1. "Blow Wind Blow" - Rairbirds
  2. "Break It" (Down James Brown) - The Offcuts
  3. "Krazy Krush" - Ms. Dynamite
  4. "Crazy Beat" - Blur
  5. "What Is the Problem" - Graffiti
  6. "Don't Let the Man" - Fatboy Slim
  7. "Are You Ready for Love" (Radioslave mix) - Elton John
  8. "One Perfect Day" - Lydia Denker
  9. "No One Knows" - Queens of the Stone Age
  10. "Two Months Off" - Underworld
  11. "Late at Night" - Futureshock
  12. "All of Me" - Groove Armada
  13. "Schoolgirl" - Sandrine
  14. "Feathers and Down" - The Cardigans
  15. "Hector's Demise" - Dust Brothers
  16. "Ordinary World" (Josh G. Abrahams remix) - Mandy Kane
  17. "Pictures of You" (Paul Mac remix) - after The Cure's 1989 album Disintegration
  18. "One and the Same" (One Perfect Day Remix) - after Rob Dougan's 2002 album Furious Angels

Two-disc version track listing[edit]

Disc 1
  1. "Blow Wind Blow" - Rairbirds
  2. "Break It" (Down James Brown) (Josh G. Abrahams Remix) - The Offcuts
  3. "Krazy Krush" - Ms. Dynamite
  4. "What Is the Problem?" – Graffiti
  5. "Don't Let the Man Get You Down" - Fatboy Slim
  6. "Are You Ready for Love" (radio slave remix) - Elton John
  7. "One Perfect Day" - Lydia Denker
  8. "Pictures of You" (Paul Mac remix) - after The Cure's 1989 album Disintegration
  9. "Two Months Off" - Underworld
  10. "Late at Night" - Futureshock
  11. "All of Me" - Groove Armada
  12. "Schoolgirl" – Sandrine
  13. "Feathers and Down" - The Cardigans
  14. "Hector’s Demise" - The Dust Brothers
  15. "No One Knows" (Unkle Remix) - Queens of the Stone Age
  16. "Ordinary World" (Josh Abrahams remix) - Mandy Kane
  17. "One and the Same" (One Perfect Day remix) - after Rob Dougan's 2002 album Furious Angels
  18. "Design Music" - Sven Väth
Disc 2
  1. "The Man with the Red Face" - Laurent Garnier
  2. "Horsepower" - C.J. Bolland
  3. "Graffiti Part Two" - Stereo MC’s
  4. "No Transmission" - Lhb
  5. "To Know" - NuBreed
  6. "Gorecki" - Lamb
  7. "Just Show Me" - Grandadbob
  8. "Sleepwalking" - Euroboy
  9. "Sly-ed" - Man With No Name
  10. "Drop Some Drums" - (Love) Tattoo
  11. "One Perfect Sunrise" - Orbital Featuring Lisa Gerrard
  12. "One Perfect Day" (epic dance mix) - Ali Mcgregor
  13. "Tv Screen Memories" - David Hobson and Lisa Gerrard
  14. "Final Moments" - David Hobson
  15. "One Perfect Day" (orchestral mix) - David Hobson & Orchestra
  16. Ride - Helmut

Box office[edit]

One Perfect Day grossed $1,152,011 at the box office in Australia.[1]

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