One Piece: Romance Dawn

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One Piece: Romance Dawn
One Piece, Romance Dawn - The Dawn of the Adventure.jpeg
Japanese PSP cover art, featuring "Red Haired" Shanks and Monkey D. Luffy
Developer(s)Three Rings[1]
Publisher(s)Namco Bandai Games
SeriesOne Piece
Platform(s)PlayStation Portable (PlayStation Store), Nintendo 3DS (3DSWare)
ReleasePlayStation Portable
  • JP: December 20, 2012
Nintendo 3DS
  • JP: August 8, 2013
  • AU: November 28, 2013
  • EU: November 29, 2013
  • NA: February 11, 2014
Mode(s)Single Player

One Piece: Romance Dawn (ワンピース ロマンスドーン 冒険の夜明け, Wan Pīsu: Romansu Dōn - Bōken no Yoake, "One Piece: Romance Dawn - Dawn of the Adventure") is a role-playing video game based on the One Piece manga and anime series, released in Japan and other parts of Asia for the PlayStation Portable on December 20, 2012 via retail and the PlayStation Store. A port for the Nintendo 3DS was released in Japan on August 8, 2013 via retail and the eShop. It was also released in Europe on November 29, 2013 and February 11, 2014 in North America.[2]

The game covers the first half of the series from Luffy's early adventures in the East Blue to the battle at Marineford.


The game is an RPG; it uses turn-based battles and action commands that help guide the player. The player commands the protagonist Luffy and other characters that are in his crew. The characters level up, and the player can strengthen attacks by obtaining points. All characters and enemies are from the One Piece series and play the same roles as seen in the source material. Cutscenes are told in a manga style.

The game takes roughly 50 to 60 hours to complete.[3]


Namco Bandai Games announced in July 2012 that they would be developing their first One Piece game for the PSP, which would be pure RPG. The game features 30 minutes of newly animated cutscenes by Toei Animation.[4] A port for the Nintendo 3DS was released on August 8, 2013. Namco Bandai Games announced the 3DS port would be released in Europe in November 2013, later revealing there are also plans to release the game in North America.[2] The main theme song is Eternal Waves by Hyoue Ebata, which is replaced in the Western releases.


It has a score of 42% on Metacritic.[5]

MyM gave the game a negative review, with a ranking of 3 out of 10. Reviewer Martin Wharmby wrote: "Hideous, slow, repetitive and downright boring, Romance Dawn does a disservice to the One Piece franchise when it should have excelled."

[6] GamesRadar gave the game 1.5/5 stars, citing barebones RPG elements and bland, maze-like environments.[7]

IGN awarded it a score of 5.0 out of 10, saying "One Piece: Romance Dawn tries hard to tell the Straw Hats’ story, but you’d be better off just watching the anime."[8] Destructoid awarded it 4.5 out of 10, saying "If the presentation wasn't so horrible, One Piece: Romance Dawn would be a decent way for a JRPG fan to spend an afternoon after they've exhausted their library of other more innovative titles"[9] Nintendo Life awarded it 3 out of 10, saying "Frankly, it’s difficult to ascertain who would glean any semblance of enjoyment from One Piece Romance Dawn"[10] Pocket Gamer awarded it 4 out of 10, saying "It's really difficult to tell who One Piece Romance Dawn will disappoint more: long-time fans of the franchise or newcomers." [11]Slant Magazine awarded it 1 out of five stars, saying "they've put forth a product so systematically undercooked as to make even the most unflappable One Piece zealots question their faithfulness."[12]

Due to strong sales Namco Bandai have confirmed future One Piece games coming to the West, including One Piece: Unlimited World Red[13]

Gamestop Limited Edition[edit]

Namco Bandai Games America announced on November 2013 that One Piece: Romance Dawn will be getting a limited edition in the US and Canada at Gamestop, Club Namco and EB Canada. The limited edition consists of the game itself in a special holographic package. Namco Bandai have confirmed to produce 16800 limited edition versions of the game. Due to the limited nature of the release, One Piece: Romance Dawn is very difficult to find in retail stores.[14]


European 3DS cover art, which also features "Red Haired" Shanks and Monkey D. Luffy
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