One Race Films

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One Race Films
IndustryEntertainment, Motion Pictures
FoundedLos Angeles (1995)
HeadquartersStudio City, California
Key people
Vin Diesel, (Founder, Owner)
A Man Apart
The Chronicles of Riddick
Find Me Guilty
NY Giant
Hannibal the Conqueror
The Pacifier
The Fast and the Furious
SubsidiariesTigon Studios
Racetrack Records

One Race Films (ORF), also known as One Race Productions, is a film production company established in 1995 in Los Angeles by actor, writer, director, and producer Vin Diesel. Tigon Studios, an interactive entertainment development studio established in 2002, and Racetrack Records, a record label, music studio, & production company, are wholly owned subsidiaries of One Race Films.

ORF has produced high grossing multiple film franchises in the science-fiction thriller Riddick franchise, and the action genre The Fast and the Furious franchise. In dramatic films, ORF developed and produced Find Me Guilty, directed by Academy Award winning filmmaker Sidney Lumet, a critically acclaimed courtroom drama based on a true story.



Short film[edit]


  • The Ropes (2012)

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