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For the Scottish label, see One Records (Scotland).
One Records
One Records Serbia Logo.jpeg
Founded 1999 (1999)
Genre Rock
Hip hop
Country of origin Serbia
Location Belgrade
Official website

One Records is a record label based in Belgrade, Serbia.

Formed in 1999, its catalogue covers a fairly wide musical spectrum - from younger hard rock and heavy metal bands such as Alogia, Cactus Jack, Dargoron, Stratus, and others, to young Irish folk/Celtic rock bands Tir na n'Og and Irish Stew of Sindidun, ending with a recent shift highlighting the local hip-hop scene with acts like Bad Copy, Škabo, Ajs Nigrutin, Wikluh Sky, and others.

The label has also rereleased albums by Bjesovi, Ekatarina Velika, Goblini, Oktobar 1864, Riblja Čorba, Smak, Vlatko Stefanovski, Suncokret, S Vremena Na Vreme, Van Gogh, YU grupa, and others. One Records has also released albums by Divlje Jagode, Jørn Lande, Osmi Putnik, Pretty Maids, Toto, Joe Lynn Turner, Whitesnake, and other acts for the Serbian market. Osmi Putnik's 2005 album Živ i ponosan was released through One Records for Serbian market, while for their 2010 album Tajna they signed for One Records.[1]


Some of the artist currently signed to One Records, or have been so in the past, include:


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