One Story

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One Story
One Story (magazine) cover tiger.jpg
Issue #150 cover
"Tiger" by Nalini Jones
EditorPatrick Ryan
Frequency12 per year
PublisherMaribeth Batcha
First issueApril 2002
CompanyOne Story, Inc.
CountryUnited States
Based inBrooklyn, New York

One Story is a literary magazine which publishes 12 issues a year, each issue containing a single short story. The magazine was founded in 2002[1] by writers Hannah Tinti and Maribeth Batcha. [2] "Villanova" by John Hodgman was the first short story published by One Story.[3][4]


The authors published in the magazine include the following:


Tinti received the PEN/Nora Magid Award for Magazine Editing in 2009.


Originally, One Story intended to publish eighteen times a year though it occasionally fell short of that number. They began publishing twelve times a year in 2017 after publishing only eleven the year before.

Other Awards[edit]

Stories published in One Story have appeared in The Best American Short Stories and the O. Henry Prize anthology.

One Teen Story[edit]

In 2012, One Story launched a companion publication aimed at a teenaged audience.


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