One Thousand Dollars on the Black

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Mille dollari sul nero
Mille dollari sul nero.jpg
Directed by Alberto Cardone
Produced by Antonio Morelli, Mario Siciliano
Written by Ernesto Gastaldi, Rolf Olsen, Vittorio Salerno, Giorgio Stegani
Music by Michele Lacerenza
Cinematography Gino Santini
Release dates
December 18, 1966
Country Italy
Language Italian

One Thousand Dollars on the Black (AKA Blood at Sundown or Mille dollari sul nero) is a 1966 Italian Spaghetti Western feature film directed by Alberto Cardone. The picture marks the first appearance of the character Sartana, played by Gianni Garko. It is not, however considered an "official" Sartana film.

Plot summary[edit]

Johnny Liston heads back to his hometown after 12 years in jail, during which time his ruthless brother Sartana (Garko) has taken over control of the town. Johnny is determined to battle Sartana to bring justice.



Wild East released this alongside A Coffin for the Sheriff in a limited edition R0 NTSC DVD in 2014.

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