One Tough Bastard

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One Tough Bastard
Directed by Kurt Wimmer
Written by Steven Selling
Starring Brian Bosworth
Bruce Payne
Music by Anthony Marinelli [1]
Release date
December 10, 1995
Running time
100 min.
Country United States
Language English

One Tough Bastard, also known as One Man's Justice, is a 1995 American action film written by Steven Selling, directed by Kurt Wimmer and starring Brian Bosworth and Bruce Payne.


Karl Savak (Bruce Payne), a "rogue FBI agent",[2] is attempting to steal and sell military weapons. When stealing weaponry, one of Savak's henchmen, Marcus, kills Darlene and Marianne North, the wife and daughter of John North (Brian Bosworth). John North himself is shot and lapses into a coma for eight weeks. When he regains consciousness he discovers that Savak has put Marcus onto a witness protection program. As a result, North decides to enact his own justice and seeks revenge on Savak and his henchmen.



The film has received mixed reviews. One critic stated that Payne's character, Savak, is one of the most 'entertaining movie villains in low budget action flick history' and that 'so awesome is Karl Savak that some lunatic has created a Facebook page in his honor'.[3] Another reviewer stated that 'Bruce Payne, with his Whitesnake hair and nose ring is slimeball perfection as the villain'.[4]


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