One Village, A Thousand Voices

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One Village, A Thousand Voices (یو کلی زر غږونه/یک قریه هزار صدا) is a radio drama series that feature young Afghans as they seek a voice in village-level justice decision-making. Each curriculum-based story has a rule-of-law and youth empowerment focus.

The drama programs are broadcast twice weekly on Radio Azadi in both Dari and Pashto languages, first on late Monday afternoon and repeated on Friday mornings. The programs are approximately 12 minutes long. The discussion programs allow more specific discussion of the themes embedded within the drama and are broadcast on Fridays immediately after both Dari and Pashto episodes repeat. These programs are approximately 15 minutes long (thereby filling the half-hour slot).

The radio drama series has two websites, one in Pashto and one in Dari. The radio drama series has active Facebook and Twitter pages as well.

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