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One Voice
Also known as One Voice
Voice V
Origin Vallejo, California
Genres R&B, pop, freestyle
Years active 1996–present
Labels Kamikaze Records (1998–present)
Straight Hits Entertainment (2003-2005)
Members Monica Castillo
Anne "Marie" Ceralvo
Edna "Mae" Ceralvo
Past members Melissa Ruiz Moreno
Aimee Castillo
Lindsay Mangoba (1996)

One Voice (styled as One Vo1ce) is a Filipino American R&B/OPM girl group that originated from Vallejo, California. The group currently consists of Marie Ceralvo, Monica Castillo, and Mae Ceralvo.


Early career[edit]

The girls of One Voice met while they were in elementary school. They originally started out as a quintet, which at the time included Aimee Castillo (no relation to Monica), and another original member named Lindsay Mangoba, but before anything was recorded she later left the group and was replaced by Melissa Ruiz. The girls eventually landed a record deal with Kamikaze Records (an independent label) in 1998, and contracted the talent of multi-platinum producer James Earley.

Just the Beginning (1998–2000)[edit]

Recording their debut album was tough. The girls wanted it to be just right and they had to make up their minds about what kind of album they wanted to record. First they hired the right producer, multi-platinum producer James "Jae-E" Earley, who wrote and/or produced the majority of the first album. Then, they chose an urban-pop/OPM sound. The album ended up being one of the most successful independent albums of the year. It was released in 1999 and titled Just the Beginning.

Their debut single, "When U Think About Me", was released to radio stations across the United States. It peaked at #17 on both the US Rhythmic Top 40 and Philippine pop charts, but reached #8 on the PH R&B/Soul singles chart. The song was also featured in an original MTV movie called Jailbait. Their album would go Gold in the Philippines and sell about 50,000 copies in the US. The follow-up singles, "Lovin' U" and "Never Leave Your Side" also did well. The album was re-released in 2000.

Sincerely Yours (2001–2002)[edit]

When the Just Beginning Tour was over, the girls were ready to record their second album. They knew that they would have to show their growth. During this time, Aimee had left the group. The rest of One Vo1ce was hurt by her leaving. Even though she is not in the group, they are all still close friends. The group began the recording process of their second album without Aimee. It took another two years but Sincerely Yours was released in 2001.

Although the album sold well, it was not as successful as their debut album. Reviews of the album were mixed and the singles did not do as well in the charts. The album did go Silver in the Philippines and sold 20,000 copies in the US. The girls left Kamikaze the next year.

Luvin' You (2003–2004)[edit]

The girls took a little break off to live life. They signed with another independent label, Straight Hits Entertainment. Before the release of their third album, they released a self-titled EP giving fans a sneak peek of their upcoming album. Their third album, Luvin' You, took three years to make but was eventually released in 2004. It became the most successful album to date, selling 65,000 copies in the US.


In summer 2009, after a five-year hiatus, One Voice decided to make its return into the music industry. They went back into the studio to record new music and began performing at various events. The group also announced the return of original member, Aimee Castillo.[1] One Vo1ce appeared at the 15th Annual Filipino-American (Fil-Am) Friendship Celebration at the Serramonte Shopping Center, Daly City, CA on September 20, 2009.[2] It was there where they revealed their new single, "Time To Live Your Life".

The girls have now become a trio, with Monica, Marie & Mae as the current line-up and are currently performing and touring, with new material to be released soon.[3]



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  2. Sincerely Yours (2001) US Indie #25 (20,000), PH #20 (Silver)
  3. Luvin' You (2004) US Indie #5 (65,000), PH #4 (Gold)



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