One Way Ticket Home

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"One Way Ticket Home"
Song by Phil Ochs from the album Greatest Hits
Published 1970
Released 1970
Genre Rock
Length 2:39
Label A&M
Writer(s) Phil Ochs
Producer(s) Van Dyke Parks and
Andrew Wickham
"One Way Ticket Home"
One Way Ticket Home.jpg
Promotional copy of "One Way Ticket Home"
Single by Phil Ochs
B-side My Kingdom for a Car
Released 1972
Format Vinyl
Genre Rock
Length 2:39
Label A&M
Writer(s) Phil Ochs
Producer(s) Van Dyke Parks
Phil Ochs singles chronology
"My Life"
"One Way Ticket Home"
"Kansas City Bomber"

"One Way Ticket Home" is a 1970 song by Phil Ochs, an American singer-songwriter best known for the protest songs he wrote in the 1960s.

"One Way Ticket Home" is the first song on Greatest Hits, which—despite its title—was a collection of new songs.[1] Musically, it signals a return by Ochs to his musical roots in country music and early rock and roll.[2]

In the song, Ochs announces that he wants to buy a "one-way ticket home". Inspired by a recent Elvis concert in Las Vegas, Ochs declares "Elvis Presley is the king/I was at his crowning." But something is wrong: "My life just flashed before my eyes/I must be drowning." Referring to the political climate in the United States, Ochs says he "would be in exile now/But everywhere's the same" and decides he wants a "one-way ticket home".[3][4]


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