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Midwakh (U.A.E.), shown with and without a stem-mounted filter. Traditionally used with dokha, an Iranian sifted tobacco product with admixtures of other herbs.
Kiseru, with handcrafted metal head and mouthpiece; traditionally used with kizami, a finely shredded Japanese tobacco product

A one-hitter[1] (also oney, bat, tay, oney bat, or taster) is typically a slender pipe with a screened narrow bowl designed for a single inhalation, or "hit", of smoke or vapor from a small serving (about 25 mg) of heated cannabis flower, tobacco leaf or other dry, sifted herbal preparation.[2] It is distinguished from western-style large-bowl pipes designed for strong tobaccos that are burned hot and tasted but not inhaled. Instead, by properly distancing a lighter flame below the opening, inhalant users operate at vaporization temperatures, minimizing combustion waste and toxicity.[3][4]

Traditional national varieties of one-hitter pipes have included Native American calumet ("peace pipe"), kiseru (Japan), midwakh (Middle East), sebsi (Morocco) and some narrow chillums (Nepal, India, Jamaica).

A one-hitter has been considered drug paraphernalia in certain regions.[5][6]


Wooden dugout box with cigarette-styled one-hitter, technically a small chillum (with end-to-end channel)
Sebsi (Morocco) with clay craterhead and long wooden tube

Brands of cigarette-sized one hitters for inconspicuous public use are marketed with a rectangular (or sometimes cylindrical) wooden case, known as a "dugout", with two compartments, the larger to store a stash of herb or tobacco and a narrower, cylindrical hole to store the "bat" or pipe.[7]

Modern adaptations from craft-centric companies use fine and rare woods, bone, acrylic, aluminum, steel, titanium, other metals or plastics, adding features such as grinders, poker storage or lighter chambers. Carried in a shirt pocket, they are the tangible "replacement" for a pack of cigarettes when one is eliminating a smoking habit.[7]

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