Oneida Baptist Institute

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Oneida Baptist Institute
OBI Sign 01.jpg
Oneida, Kentucky
United States
Coordinates 37°16′02″N 83°38′58″W / 37.2673°N 83.6494°W / 37.2673; -83.6494Coordinates: 37°16′02″N 83°38′58″W / 37.2673°N 83.6494°W / 37.2673; -83.6494
Religious affiliation(s) Kentucky Baptist Convention
Founded 1899
Founder James Anderson Burns
Athletics conference Kentucky High School Athletic Association

Oneida Baptist Institute (OBI) is a coeducational Southern Baptist boarding school in Oneida, Kentucky, affiliated with the Kentucky Baptist Convention.


Oneida Baptist Institute was founded by James Anderson Burns with the intent of bringing an end to the culture of feuds and violence in Clay County, Kentucky. Burns aimed "to teach the children of the hostile clans to love each other and not fight," believing that a combination of education and Christian love would cause their feuds to "stop automatically."[1] With the help of H. L. McMurray, a Baptist preacher originally from Kansas, Burns selected a site for the school and recruited members of the warring clans to work together to build it.[2]

The first building was completed in 1899 and classes began on January 1, 1900, with four teachers and 125 students.[1]


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