Oneida River

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Oneida River
Frozen Oneida River as viewed from my backyard in Clay, NY.jpg
A view of the frozen Oneida River in winter.
Country United States
State New York
Region Central New York
Counties Onondaga, Oswego
Source Oneida Lake
 - location Brewerton
 - coordinates 43°14′24″N 76°08′26″W / 43.24000°N 76.14056°W / 43.24000; -76.14056 [1]
Mouth Oswego River
 - location Clay, New York
 - coordinates 43°12′04″N 76°16′49″W / 43.20111°N 76.28028°W / 43.20111; -76.28028Coordinates: 43°12′04″N 76°16′49″W / 43.20111°N 76.28028°W / 43.20111; -76.28028 [1]
Length 18 mi (29 km)
Discharge for Euclid, New York
 - average 2,997 cu ft/s (85 m3/s) [2]
Location of the mouth of the Oneida River in New York State.

The Oneida River is a river that forms a portion of the boundary between Oswego and Onondaga counties in central New York.[1][3] The river flows 18 miles (29 km) from Oneida Lake's outlet to its confluence with the Seneca River, where the two rivers combine to form the Oswego River that empties into Lake Ontario.[3]

The river was known to the Onondaga people as Sah-eh,[4] and was referred to during the colonial era as the Onondaga River.[5]

The river is utilized for boating and shipping as part of the New York State Barge Canal.[3]

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