Onepoto Bridge

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Onepoto Bridge
Coordinates 36°48′43″S 174°45′00″E / 36.812042°S 174.75°E / -36.812042; 174.75Coordinates: 36°48′43″S 174°45′00″E / 36.812042°S 174.75°E / -36.812042; 174.75
Carries Pedestrians
Crosses Onepoto volcanic crater tidal outlet
Locale Northcote, New Zealand
Total length 46 metres (151 ft)
Opened 2008

Onepoto Bridge is a 46 m long pedestrian and cyclist bridge crossing the tidal stream outlet of the Onepoto volcanic crater in Northcote, Auckland.

The bridge became necessary after widening of Onewa road towards State Highway 1 made the existing bridge too narrow to carry footpaths. After deciding to build a new bridge, North Shore City Council resolved to construct an iconic structure that would create "architecture integrated into the landscape". This resulting in the bridge structure being encased with wooden curved 'ribs' that have been described as a whale skeleton, a wave or a half-finished sailing ship. The bridge was designed by Beca Group.[1][2]

The bridge is also part of North Shore City's strategic cycle route network and incorporated into works to better access the local estuarial area for the community.[3]


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