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Onetius logo 2016.png
Onetius marketplace.png
Type of site
E-learning platform
Available in English
Founded July 5, 2013
(3 years ago)
Headquarters Zagreb, Croatia
Key people Mario Novak
(Founder and CEO)
Industry e-learning
Slogan(s) Simple and slick e-learning platform. Learn from others or start your own courses with your friends or colleagues!
Registration Required
Current status Active

Onetius is an online education platform offering everyone to share their knowledge on any topic in the form of online courses.

Course format[edit]

Each course can have lessons in audio, video and/or textual form. Teachers can test student knowledge after each lesson through microExam feature.

Onetius organized events[edit]

In 2014 the Onetius team organized the first international conference in Southern Europe which promotes individuality, creativity and freedom of speech called We are not Neutral.[1][2]


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