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Oneword (Defunct)
Broadcast areaUnited Kingdom
FrequencyDAB: 11D (Digital One)
Freeview: 717
Sky Digital: 0127
OwnerUBC Media Group

Oneword Radio was a British commercial digital radio station featuring books, drama, comedy, children's programming, and discussion. The station was available in the UK via digital radio (DAB) and digital television (Freeview DVB-T and Sky Digital DVB-S) and was streamed on the internet 24 hours a day worldwide. It was launched on 2 May 2000.[1]

Ownership was shared between UBC Media Group and Channel 4 between early 2005 and December 2007.[2] In October 2005, Channel 4 increased its stake to a majority by buying 51% of Oneword for £1 million. At 7.30 on weekday mornings, Oneword carried the Channel 4 Radio daily news broadcast, The Morning Report, which was produced by the Channel 4 news team.

Virgin Media removed OneWord from their ex-NTL cable channel lineup on 4 October 2007. Oneword was not on their ex-Telewest lineup at the time.

In December 2007, Channel 4 decided to withdraw its funding, selling its share back to UBC Media Group for £1.[3][4] All programming was replaced by repeats of previous output. On 1 January 2008 the remaining staff were dismissed.[5] Oneword ceased broadcasting on DAB on Friday 11 January 2008.[6]

After broadcasting ended, birdsong was broadcast on the channel[7] until a permanent replacement, Amazing Radio, came on air on 1 June 2009.[8] It has been claimed that the audience for the station was higher while the birdsong was playing than when the station was broadcasting normally.[9]


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