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Birth name Vanja Ulepic
Born (1979-08-17) August 17, 1979 (age 37)
Belgrade, Serbia
Genres Hip-hop
Occupation(s) Record producer
Years active 2000–present
Labels Bassivity, Balkaton, The Ulepics, Bassivity Music, Bassivity Digital

Oneya (born August 17, 1979 in Belgrade, Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia) is a Serbian hip hop producer[1] and Cinematographer, the founder of the Bassivity label.

Born Vanja Ulepić (Serbian: Вања Улепић), he grew up in Belgrade, and later lived in several European countries. He graduated from Highschool of Design in 1993, and later Fine Art Academy in 1999. He also finished SAE Institute in NYC in 2006 and got Audio Technology Program (ATP) diploma.

In 2000, Oneya founded Bassivity, the hiphop music label, which grew into full size record company Bassivity Music in 2002. This has been the first and to date only hip hop music record company in Serbia.

In 2005 Oneya moved to New York city, and running NY based Bassivity LLC production.

Oneya is part of the music producing duo The Ulepics with his wife Janet Sewell-Ulepic, who wrote and co-produced Jay-Z's Grammy award winning single - Empire State Of Mind.

Current credits includes Jim Jones' mixtape Harlem's American Gangster , ByrdGang's debut album M.O.B.: The Album, and Rick Ross Hood Billionaire.

Co-founded "Balkaton" label in 2015 with over 100 million views so far on its YouTube channel.

Joined a production team for Tidal/Lions gate "Money & Violence" season 2 in 2016 in extended role of editor, colorist, and sound engineer with 5 day average turnaround per 45min episode.

Album Production credits:

Tilt "Volume 1" VIP "Ekipa Stigla", "Ziva istina" Oneya "Prvi put" Shorty "Umotvorine" Marchelo "Defakto", "Puzzle Shock" Struka "Ipak se Obrce", "Muzika iz Podruma", "Noci bugija" Ulice Mixtape "Volume 1", "Volume 2" Ajzak Nigrutin "Nigrutinski receno" Juice "Hiphopium", "Brate Minli" Edo Maajka "No Sikiriki", "Stigo Cumur" Lud "U ime igre" THC "Thcelafamilija" Grupna Terapija "Ko te salje" Suid "Drama koja se sunja sama" U gostima Mixtape Jim Jones "Harlem Gangster" Mob "The Album" Rasta -"Superstar " One Shot Mixtape McN "Celija 44 " Sivilo "Tamna strana srece" Uncle Murda "First 48" Maino "K.O.B" Rick Ross "Hood Bilionaire"

Design: Bassivity logo

Video production:

(Music videos:)

Rasta "Kavali", "Balkan", "Mala", "Habibi", "Euforija", "Hotel" (Director/DP/Editor/Colorist) Shane Golden - Your Body (Director/DP/Editor/Colorist) Cary Nokey - American Dream (Director/DP/Editor/Colorist)


PNBA - DP Hampton's Sun (DP/Editor/Colorist)

(Film:) Feature "Tapestry" with Stephen Baldwin - (DP) Short film "Saw34" ( - (DP/Editor)


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