Ong Kean Swan

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Peter Ong Kean Swan
Ong Kean Swan
Traditional Chinese 王梓驊
Simplified Chinese 王梓骅
Born (1982-11-07) 7 November 1982 (age 34)
Penang, Malaysia
Nationality  Malaysia
Occupation Chief Executive Officer of Dream Success International
Certification from Malaysia Government - No Adverse Record

Dato’ Sri Peter Ong Kean Swan, is a Malaysian-Chinese businessman and philanthropist.


In 2007 Ong was working as a distributor for the multi-level marketing company Melilea, a company selling health and beauty products.[1] In a defamation lawsuit he was charged with breaking his distribution contract and disclosing proprietary information.[2] While the newspaper and other defendants were found to be not guilty of defamation, judgment was rendered against Ong and the other two distributors.[3] Ong answered the complaint, but chose not to appear in court.[3]

The Surewin4u corporate website says that in 2008 Peter Ong launched a successful coffee shop franchise concept.[4] That was the year that Peter Ong together with his brother Philip became involved with the Island Red Café (Red Island Coffee) franchise business.[5] The Ong brothers devised a multi-level marketing business plan for Island Red Café franchises through their company MLB International.[5] The pyramid scheme collapsed,[6][7] and in 2011, Ong Tong Swan (Philip Ong), Peter Ong's brother, as a director of Island Red Café, pleaded guilty to fraud.[8]

His company website indicates that Peter Ong had also been involved with a multi-level insurance programme,[4][9] before creating, in 2011, together with his brother Philip, the Surewin4u Group (圆梦赢家) to promote their gambling winning system.[4] In 2012, he founded Dream Success International, which now includes: Surewin4u, Dream Success Property, Dream Success Car Centre, Dream Success Jewelery and Dream Success Coffee.[10] On 25 September 2013, Dream Success International and website were listed by the Central Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara Malaysia) as engaging in unlicensed activities.[11][12] After the Taiwanese government closed down the Taiwan branch of Dream Success International in September 2014 leaving thousands of "investors" without recourse,[13][14] Ong Kean Swan said there was nothing he could do ("圆梦无力回天").[12] In early 2015, Dream Winners and Surewin4u were widely revealed as a multi-level pyramid scam that operated not only in Malaysia and Taiwan, but also in Singapore and China.[15][16][17][18]


Ong's family came from Hui'an County, Fujian Province, China,[10] and Ong was born in November, in Penang.[19] He was born in 1982,[20] although some reports indicate 1983.[19] His company website indicates that he graduated in information technology from the University of Nottingham in England in 2003.[4]

In 2013, Ong was arrested for impersonating Perak royalty and using the title Tengku to which he was not entitled.[21]

At his thirty-first birthday celebration in November 2013, he was noted for his philanthropy.[19][20][22]


In 2013, Ong was awarded the Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang (DIMP) by the Sultan of Pahang, Ahmad Shah,[10][23][24] which entitled him to use the honorific Dato’.


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