Ong River

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Ong River is a tributary of Mahanadi river. It flows across Odisha and joins Mahanadi 11 km upstream of Sonepur where Tel merges. The river rises at an elevation of 457 m and runs 204 km before it meets Mahanadi. It drains area of about 5,128&. Nearby cities to river Ong: Bolangir(39km), Sohela(40km), Saraipali(45 km) ,Bargarh(59 km),Sonepur(70 km),Burla(89 km),Sumbalpur(94 km) and some others cities also. Coordinates: 20°59'4"N 83°12'48"E Nearby rivers to Ong river: Tel Nadi (River) 76 km Gorkha Nadi 171 km Subarnarekha River/Swarnarekha River 431 km Godavari 485 km Manairu Vagu 508 km River Krishna 708 km River Paleru 711 km River Palleru 722 km Kusastali River 937 km Thirumani 996 km nbsp;km2.[1]


Coordinates: 20°54′N 83°49′E / 20.900°N 83.817°E / 20.900; 83.817